The BBSRC Facility for Spatially Resolved Single and Sub-cellular "omics"

BBSRC Seismic Facility for Spatially Resolved Single and Sub-cellular "omics"

We are developing a facility for BBSRC researchers to visit and carry out single and sub-cellular sampling and analysis of living cells.

The centre uses a recently commercialised single-cell sampling system from Yokogawa Corporation (see here for further information on the system). The technology enables single, live cells or their sub-cellular components to be visualised and then extracted into capillaries. We can use fluorescence to visualise specific constituents of a cell (e.g. mitochondria, nucleus, lipid droplets, GFP-labelled proteins) using confocal microscopy prior to analysis, if required. The extracted cell material can be eluted into plates or vials for downstream analysis, e.g. mass spectrometry, transcriptomics etc. We can provide mass spectrometry analysis for drugs, metabolites and lipids, and are happy to collaborate to detect other analytes.

This service will be free to BBSRC researchers until 2026, after which we will charge for access. We can provide assistance for travel. If you are interested in using this resource, please contact Professor Melanie Bailey ( to discuss further.

You can download our access form here, please get in touch to discuss with us your requirements with us so we can help you to design your experiments.

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