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2020-10-10 12:22:21

Happy to have my name added to this document.


2020-10-10 20:53:17

Dr Marcell Kiss and Sichen Mi at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne have used the facility at Surrey to modify diamond structure and fabricate single quantum emitters. We're happy to know that ion beam centre at Surrey is expanding its capacity.


2020-10-14 12:19:25

Prof Peter Wilshaw and Dr Ruy Sebastian Bonilla (Semiconductors lab at University of Oxford, Materials Department) have used NIBC to study ion charge dielectric thin films for use in novel solar photovoltaic devices. We're happy to have our name added.


2020-10-16 08:15:09

We (TeraView LTD, Cambridge) use the facility to produce photoconductive devices for commercial THz instruments, primarily for export. Were happy to support this facility.

2020-11-16 14:01:14

Dr. Jan Lorincik from Research Centre Rez (Czech republic) has used the facility for the development of transmutation detectors of neutron fluence. I am happy to support this facility.

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