Single ion implantation (SII) for improved repeatability of nanoscale semiconductor devices

This presentation describes the benefits of ordered doping in small channel FETs. It is reported in literature[1] that silicon-on-insulator FETs implanted with a 100nm square array of phosphorus donors shows a three-fold lower deviation in threshold voltage shift after implanting than that of randomly doped devices of the same geometry.

We are in the process of implanting similar devices with bismuth ions instead using the up and running LMIG-SIMPLE single ion implanter tool. We expect the heavier ion to exhibit less lateral straggle and therefore generate a more spatially precise array. This gain in precision we estimate will give us double the improvement in device consistency.

[1] T. Shinada, S. Okamoto, T. Kobayashi, and I. Ohdomari, “Enhancing semiconductor device performance using ordered dopant arrays,” Nature, vol. 437, no. 7062, pp. 1128–1131, 2005.


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