The Surrey Ion Beam Centre is a national facility available for UK researchers to apply for time through EPSRC and European grant applications. Access is also available on a commercial basis. See the information on gaining access on the main UKNIBC site or contact us at the links below and ask for more information or for a quotation.


Follow the links below for more information about the reserch being undertaken at the Surrey Ion Beam Centre in each of the following categories:


Modelling & Simulation

Ion Beam Analysis (elemental)

Ion Beam Analysis (molecular)

Implantation for Quantum Devices

Liquid Metal Ion Sources


Conventional Ion Beam Analysis

Conventional Ion Beam Analysis mostly is aimed at identifying the elemental makeup of a material under investigation. See the IBA page under the "facilities" and the WiNDF pages for more information on the techniques themselves. The examples below give some examples of how these facilities have been used recently.


Rutherford backscattering spectrometry investigation of InGaAsBi heterostructures



Using RBS to study the effects of polymer cross-linking on the surfactant migration in adhesive films.



Diffusiophoresis-driven Stratification of Polymers in Colloidal Films



Imaging Au for TB Vaccine Delivery Studies (RADIATE project)



Total-IBA Detailing Mineralising Fluid Exsolution to form Porphyry Copper Deposits



Hydrogen dynamics in Silicon Oxide (SiOx) Resistive Switching Devices






Channeling maps: Improving channeling data acquisition at the Surrey Ion Beam Centre



Oxygen diffusion in carbon films



Antimicrobial properties of Ag-C nanocomposite coatings for aerospace application


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