The Surrey Ion Beam Centre is a national facility available for UK researchers to apply for time through EPSRC and European grant applications. Access is also available on a commercial basis. See the information on gaining access on the main UKNIBC site or contact us at the links below and ask for more information or for a quotation.


Follow the links below for more information about the facilities available in each of the following categories:


Implantation & Irradiation

Ion Beam Analysis

Mass Spectrometry

Focussed Ion Beams

Single Ion Implantation


Controllable Materials Modification


  • 0.4-2MV High Energy Implanter
  • 2-200kV High Current Implanter
  • Extensive range of ion species
  • Implantation 2keV-4MeV (up to 10mA)
  • Sample size mm2 to 40cmx40cm
  • Hot (700oC) or cold (~10K)
  • Sample Chambers in class 100 clean room
  • Some heavy ion implantation up to 10MeV
  • Two Single Ion Implanters

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