The Surrey Ion Beam Centre is a national facility available for UK researchers to apply for time through EPSRC and European grant applications. Access is also available on a commercial basis. See the information on gaining access on the main UKNIBC site or contact us at the links below and ask for more information or for a quotation.


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Single Ion Implantation


Single Ion / Deterministic Implantation

Why do we need deterministic implantation? The animation to the right shows how, as the dimensions of a semiconductor device get smaller, the number of "active" dopant atoms in the device get fewer. With standard, non-deterministic, doping the number of dopant atoms will vary from device to device with a square-root dependance of the number of atoms. For large devices the variation is small, but with very samll devices the variation will become so large that many of the fabricated devices will have widely differing properties or will not work at all. With "deterministic doping" we are able to accuratly count in the precise number of dopant atoms into each device. With the new SIMPLE implanters as the doses are so low we are able to repeat this direct write operation several tens of thousands of times per hour to build up intricate device structures.






←SIMPLE #1 - 25kV Liquid Metal Ion Source (LMIS)


Potential Ion Species:

SIMPLE #2 - 25kV Duoplasmatron source. Can be used with several gaseous sources such as; O, N, He, Ne, Ar and Xe. Ions which are difficult in LMIS.



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